Shock and Awe – Is That The Secret To Business Success? »

I was in ‘shock’ when I was given a YouTube link for Lady Gaga’s new music video – ‘Telephone’. The music video is very graphic with many ‘unsuitable’ scenes which clearly has offended many people. MTV and other TV stations have refused to play it on air in fear that there would be huge negative [...]

4 Major Impacts On Google and Bing To Include Twitter Posts In Search Results. »

I just heard the news today that Twitter had signed a deal with both Google and Bing to include all Twitter posts on their search engine indexes. This news alone would help many Twitterers particularly business users in significantly amplifying their ‘reach’ in the already crowded online space. But what are the real impacts of [...]

Social Media + Traditional Media = Viral Media Frenzy »

We all know that social media is the most talked about topic now. Almost all internet savvy users use it. Teenagers, Students, Business People, Celebrities and even the politicians have already begun their journey to using social media. But how can it matter to you? How can it bring profits to your business activities? And [...]