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50 Shades Of Amazing Life & Business Quotes! »

OK, this is not about that novel which everyone seems to be talking about. This is something that is more positive! I hope that you can get good tidbits from these 50 Life and Business quotes. Please feel free to suggest any favourite quotes you may want to share below. Thanking you in advance, Ambar [...]

Donald Trump & Tony Robbins Is Coming To See You In London This Year In 2012! »

One of the world’s most famous Billionaires is coming to England. He has been voted the world’s most competitive businessman and currently is the highest paid speaker on the planet at a reported $1.5 Million an hour. He is one of the most recognisable brands on the globe, he is simply known as TRUMP. Donald [...]

Why Music Can Increase Your Business & Brain Power! »

I believe Music is a God send. It can change our moods almost instantaneously.. from sorrow to joyfulness & vice versa. It makes us remember precious moments in our past and it can transport us to another ‘world’. There are many genres of music and whatever music you love listening to; I can safely guarantee [...]