About Ambar Hamid

Ambar Hamid is a successful young entrepreneur and business strategist. He started his business at 16 in direct marketing. Now, he is the proud owner of several business entities including a well established multi million Pound sales headhunting firm, an Internet Marketing web development company, as well as an international events and conferences organisation. Ambar is also an active financial trader with the Foreign Exchange markets

His other Internet sites include:

Ambar Hamid

InterMarketWay – Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Wealth Thing Seminar


Within the Internet Marketing arena, he has worked with numerous highly successful and WORLD CLASS Internet Marketers. These individuals were responsible for making MILLIONS in just days.

He believes that all people are born equal and its what we do everyday that make us all different.

Let’s unleash our hidden potential and aim for the utmost best….