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Please don't ignore relationships…. »

Establishing a strong business relationship with your clients and prospects is very essential, especially when you are in your very first year of business.  Those who disregard this will see that their business will go nowhere. Yes it is true. Your business will not grow and prosper. In fact you may experience a lot of [...]

My business will not survive without Adwords »

I have been using Adwords for my business for a number of years now. I use it most during thepromotional stage for most of my seminar programs throughout the world. The system has given me valuable clients and leads. Quite literally, I had tens of thousand of poundsof turnover in just days. Google has a [...]

Pictures To Share At An Event In London »

I spoke at an event in Marble Arch, London early last month and one of the photographers sent me a set of pictures. I thought it would be a brilliant idea sharing just two of the pictures with you . So, here goes…

Benefits of Mentoring With The Best Masters On Planet Earth »

The best, fast and easy technique to achieve major successes in life can be done through mentoring. Mentoring is learning by taking action in the exact way that your chosen mentor had implemented to get to where he is today. The clear benefit of mentoring is that you will have instant key to the vault [...]

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