How A Spa Resort In Bali Received International Awards In Less Than 2 Years »

Recently, I was in Bali on holiday and whilst I was there, I had the chance to be introduced to a health Spa entrepreneur by a good friend of mine from the UK. The spa resort was built a year and half ago and since that time, it has received numerous international accolades!! I personally [...]

You Want A Growing Profitable Business? Then Do These 3 Simple Steps! »

Running a business is never easy and  sometimes entrepreneurs  complicate things. They’re making it so hard for their business to grow when at the end of the day, their business  growth plan should be easy as ABC. If a business is complicated then every thing else will become complicated! In my opinion all you need [...]

Breaking Record: £1.4 Million Spent Online In Just One Minute. »

The UK has witnessed the biggest number in online sales recorded in 1 minute. This was confirmed on Monday, 7th December 2009 at the exact time of 13:43 and the amount recorded for that minute alone was a whopping £1.4 Million! (IMRG). Sales for the hour from 13:00 to 14:00 was also high, peaking at [...]

Tribute To Jim Rohn Who Left Us On 5th December 2009 »

Jim Rohn passed away and left us on the 5th December 2009. Jim had been very instrumental to my business success and I still own many of his educational materials that I keep and continuously refer back on whenever the time or situation is required. He died of Pulmonary Fibrosis but he didn’t just go [...]

Should I Get A Job Or Start A Business? »

It’s difficult to deny that the times are much harder now. People are investing ‘double time’ in productivity to ensure that their goals are met so that nothing that they’ve been working on goes down the drain. People are also worried about the horrid news they hear every day on the media everywhere including the [...]