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How To Dramatically Get More Clients With LinkedIN Advertising!

How to advertise with Linkedin Ads

How to advertise with Linkedin Ads

I must admit that I love LinkedIN. LinkedIN has helped me in boosting my business turnover by reaching targeted clients for my products portfolio as well as improving on my brand awareness and positioning in the marketplace. It is definitely one of the best social media marketing network that you must get your teeth into if you haven’t done so already.

I also love LinkedIN because I don’t have to do cold calls anymore. :) My team and I have been doing a ton of cold calls in the early internet days but thanks to all of the social media networks we have today, cold calling seems to be less of an important part of my business operations.

I understand that cold calling is an important part of prospecting for new business but in my personal opinion, business people hate to make or receive cold calls. People like doing business with the people they know and like. There are many alternative options on how we can prospect for new business. The times have changed and cold calling isn’t one of them.

LinkedIn Advertising has given me the freedom to choose the client that I want. It gives me the ability to attract CEOs, Managing Directors, Board of Directors and High Net Worth individuals within just a few clicks of the button. It can also give you the right customer for any markets imaginable.

Linkedin Advertising can be quite expensive and you need to do it right when you get started on the platform. You need to ensure that your conversion ratios are good and that it allows prospects on LinkedIN to give you their personal contact details so you can follow up on them and buy your offer. Do it right and you can see an immediate growth in the way you do business.

I have just completed an exclusive training program on Linkedin Advertising and you can access the step by step video training here:

LinkedIN Ads Mastery

Let me know if you have questions or feedback below! :)

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