How A Spa Resort In Bali Received International Awards In Less Than 2 Years »

Recently, I was in Bali on holiday and whilst I was there, I had the chance to be introduced to a health Spa entrepreneur by a good friend of mine from the UK. The spa resort was built a year and half ago and since that time, it has received numerous international accolades!! I personally [...]

Avatar Movie Marketing Good For Us? »

It is now my second Avatar movie experience since my first at the London IMAX in Greenwich. The movie was so realistic that I couldn’t even ‘believe’ that the Na’vi people who live in Pandora are not real! I couldn’t even tell the difference between what was ‘real’ and the bits that were fictional and [...]

Breaking Record: £1.4 Million Spent Online In Just One Minute. »

The UK has witnessed the biggest number in online sales recorded in 1 minute. This was confirmed on Monday, 7th December 2009 at the exact time of 13:43 and the amount recorded for that minute alone was a whopping £1.4 Million! (IMRG). Sales for the hour from 13:00 to 14:00 was also high, peaking at [...]

The Internet Game Is All About EyeBalls…. »

I have met and seen many people at seminars and conferences who complain about their online business not working very well. They seemed to have tried everything, tested almost everything on their site so it would convert better – but it’s still yet to produce the results they had initially aspired. If you are running [...]

The World’s Marketing Maven Strikes Back and This Time With A Vengence.. »

Over the last few months, I was privileged to schedule an interview with the master of the highly profitable internet marketing game and I quickly dig for gold. I didn’t leave anything left behind. I asked all the critical marketing questions which I believe, if executed properly can definitely be of benefit to you immediately. [...]