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How To Successfully Use Facebook As A Business – Facebook Team Presentation

Recently, I was at Adtech in London to meet a few friends and also to find out on the new updates in the digital marketing scene. Whilst I was there, I had the opportunity to meet Miss Gail Power, the Director of Online Sales at Facebook, who was doing a special presentation on how businesses can benefit from using Facebook.

In brief, her presentation key points were;

  • 750 Million users worldwide and growing!
  • New companies exist and flourishing due to social networking – Zynga Game Network
  • Cityville had 100 Million user signups in the first 43 days! – Power of Social Gaming
  • Companies like Amazon and Groupon use Facebook to create effective branding and sales
  • The royal family launched an app for people to share their experiences during Prince William Royal Wedding. It has helped improve the public ‘likeability’ towards the Royal Family.
  • Facebook Fan page should be used by businesses everywhere and benefit from Facebook userbase profiling.
  • Improved Facebook advertising through social recommendation: Potential customers are 4 times more likely to purchase with 100% product recall.
  • In Gail’s words on the new Facebook Advertising, “Word of mouth at scale like you’ve never heard before!”

You can watch her keynote presentation here:

Let me know what you think..


Ambar Hamid

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