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Attracting Mass Marketing Attention With 3D Hologram!

I am not denying the fact that we are now inundated with a plethora of great products and services. Those businesses that want your business will just have to try harder in getting your attention.

Customers have more options on how they wish to be informed. They can opt for the traditional media like radio, TV or the daily newspapers and magazines, or they can just simply switch on their computer and log on to the internet to access all the information they want.

I think that it is important now as a business person that we keep an open mind. New marketing channels are cropping up everywhere and we need to keep our ears open for new opportunities that we can test and discover.

New technology is great and I am an ardent fan. I was recently at a business exhibition when I saw a stand that seemed to pull in a large crowd. Curiosity got the better of me so I walked closer to the stand and saw that almost everyone were glued to the wide array of laser- clear holograms that was on display.

Coke 3D Hologram BottleI particularly liked the 3D hologram Coca Cola bottle. It managed to change from the usual mundane bottle into a marketing/advertising masterpiece. It gets the attention from anyone who sees it. I insist that you click the play button here and experience it for yourself!

Here is another great 3D hologram of Virgin Atlantic plane ‘flying up in the air’.

You can implement the technology to introduce any products you want and use it to convey your message more dramatically! The word of mouth effect is almost guaranteed to explode through the roof!

Let me know if you did finally implement 3D hologram technology in your organisation marketing arsenal. I’m always interested to hearing your thoughts.

Ambar Hamid

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